Nowadays, it has become extremely hard to tell the difference between helmets. Although more helmets look the same, there can still be a major difference between them, especially when it comes to the material used and the structure of the shell. Every time you strap on a ZOX helmet you put your trust in us. When your helmet is the most essential piece of safety equipment you own, choosing a ZOX helmet is the right way to go.

Manufacturing Process

Our new state of the art factory sets the standard for quality, fit, craftsmanship, style and comfort is also certified ISO 9001-2000 standards. Designed and developed to exceed all expectations, every ZOX helmet is subjected to extensive testing to ensure compliance with the most recognized safety standards in the business. Our team of engineers and designers are constantly striving to deliver helmets that never compromise safety for style. Offering more than 33 various shell types, you can choose from a whopping 166 model /color combinations. Every ZOX full-face, MX and Flip-up helmets are DOT approved.
Top line models are DOT approved and Snell certified as well; exceeding the stringent safety standards established by the industry.

Technolology & Design

What sets ZOX helmets apart is our relentless pursuit of advancements in technology and design. ZOX helmets are assembled with the latest materials using state-of-the art computer designed unique graphics, colors and patterns ensuring a long-lasting highly durable finish.

Zox aerodynamic & ventilation properties

Numerous hours in of testing has produced this superior line of helmets along with an incomparable fit and finish. In addition, a redesigned and improved intake and exhaust ventilation system and vent placements reducing wind turbulence and improving interior air flow. All ZOX helmets are ergonomically styled using aerotech technology, for maximum aerodynamics and rider comfort reducing wind noise and turbulence.
All ZOX helmets incorporate an adjustable aeration system that provides maximum ventilation for warm weather riding comfort. Cool air is drawn into the helmet through intake scoops on the chin and brow and then circulated over the rider’s head via deep channeling of the absorption liner. Extractor vents at the side, rear and top are positioned to pull out the stale hot air as the cool air enters, providing controlled, maximum airflow for maximum riding comfort while providing the most comfortable helmets available today.

Zox exclusive and unique patented ratchet system

ZOX represents the most aerodynamic and advanced helmets yet. Having our own and unique design and specs, ZOX helmets propose a patented 5 point multi-position ratchet system with the latest innovation for flip up helmets. It enables the rider to hold the shield at any angle he chooses and keeps it there. The ratchet system consists of a pair of mounted side plates, each having a leaf spring with a central point that engages in grooves between the radially extending teeth of the end tabs. This greatly reduces wind noise and whistle while riding. Snapping the visor shut, locks it positively in place with a good seal against the face of the helmet. Easy to remove (or install) visor takes a few seconds and does not require any tools.


Exclusive MX helmet visor with PEAK extension

ZOX’s research and development team took into consideration the opinions of national and international MX racers. They came up with a simple and practical solution integrating into the helmet a retractable lightweight and resistant plastic visor. It can be very effective to protect racers from dirt, mud, rocks and sun rays for better concentration while being more efficient and comfortable.


Unique top vent mechanism

Unique to all Full face and MX helmet you’ll find a creative, effective yet simple way to increase the air flow and the ventilation going into the helmet. The mechanism is integrated on the top part of the helmet. By pushing once or twice the airflow increases while a single press on the black button closes everything.


Zox comfort padding

All ZOX helmets also feature soft padded comfort liner made of the finest materials and craftsmanship eliminating any potential area of discomfort while providing a secure and snug fit. For riders looking for more features, ZOX offers on certain models, the Coolmax padding. Coolmax new lining wicks away moisture and sweat away from your skin in order to evaporate as fast as possible keeping you cooler and more comfortable. All ZOX liners are completely removable, washable and replaceable keeping you and your helmet fresh!


Full face helmet flip up mechanism

Attentive to rider’s needs, ZOX also offers a full face helmet with a flip-up chin bar, designed especially for the ones who sometimes find it difficult to wear full-face helmets. This style helmet permits the wearer to raise the facial section out of the way, allowing him to eat, drink, smoke or simply remove a barrier without going through the rigmarole of unfastening and removing his helmet. This Zox helmet is perceived as providing the benefits of an open-face helmet with the protection of a full-face helmet.


Product Development & Quality Control Testing

Product development by our highly qualified design team and technicians, each dedicated to create a unique helmet is a crucial aspect in the optimization of comfort, which can affect the rider’s concentration.  They have been working intensively to produce one of the most advanced full-face helmet which incorporates the latest advancements such as a coated anti-fog, scratch resistant optical corrected polycarbonate shield, constructed from state-of-the-art mold tech shell utilizing thermo alloy resin technology. This technology increases the overall rigidity of the shell, improving its integrity and impact and energy-absorbing management. Also, this reduces the weight from the top shell while reducing the overall weight of the helmet. The benefits are a lower center of gravity translating into better balance and comfort while reducing fatigue.

Not only are ZOX helmets subjected to stringent tests for various standards and regulations, they also pass our own standard of quality control. All ZOX helmets go though a rigorous process to insure quality and safety. Furthermore, ZOX helmets offer quality and style at a reasonable price point.

ZOX power Ahead !

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